What is a Sleep Coach?


A Sleep Coach Listens

  • Listens as you explain your sleeping issues
  • Listens as you explain what is "kind of" working
  • Listens as you explain how YOU want to sleep


A Sleep Coach Guides

  • Guides you to find the results YOU want
  • Guides you in creating an action plan to get your desired results
  • Guides you into awareness of the mental/emotional/physical blocks keeping you from your sleep goals

A Sleep Coach Motivates 

  • Motivates you to take action
  • Motivates you to explore changes to the plan when things aren't working
  • Motivates you if you get off course

A Sleep Coach Understands IMPLEMENTATION Moves You Forward!

Learning new things is great. But without taking action, change will not happen. 

You have to take the actions if you want the results.  A Sleep Coach is committed to helping you achieve your results. A Sleep Coach will be beside you, supporting and encouraging you, every step along the way. But, a Sleep Coach doesn't convince.  And a Sleep Coach doesn't guarantee your success.

YOU are your own guarantee of success. If you commit to taking action, one small, consistent step at a time, you will reach your results!

I'm not only a Sleep Expert.  I'm also a Certified Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) Coach. 

Having one coach with the knowledge of all things sleep, coupled with Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (CBT) to help uncover the negative thoughts and feelings getting in the way of better sleep, provides a greater opportunity to reach your sleep results faster than working with each of these types of coaches separately. 

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