What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (CBT), at its core, is learning that we have the ability to control our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and ultimately our results. Understanding, and implementing CBT allows you to create the life you want. 

When we have a negative thought, an interpretation of a situation, it creates a negative feeling inside our body. This feeling determines how we respond to the situation.  And how we respond to a situation leads to the outcome. 

CBT teaches you how to uncover these negative thoughts, which are in your unconscious.  Thoughts you don't even know exist until you become aware of them. 

CBT helps you understand the negative feelings these autopilot thoughts are creating. And helps you accurately describe these feelings. 

CBT helps you choose new, positive thoughts to think instead. These positive thoughts will create positive feelings. Positive thoughts and positive feelings will create positive behaviors which will then lead to positive outcomes. They will also help you become successful at reaching goals you want for yourself, and your life. 



How does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) help Insomnia?


Insomnia can begin for a number of different reasons. It can start from poor sleeping habits or routines that are not ideal for promoting sleep. It can occur as a side effect from a medication. It can occur from a time of emotional distress. 

At the core of insomnia are the negative thoughts you told yourself during these situations. Thoughts you unknowingly repeated to yourself so many times that your brain put them into your unconscious as habitual thoughts to tell yourself over and over. These thoughts create negative feelings.  And negative feelings do not promote sleep. Instead, they activate your nervous system, and put you in the fight/flight/freeze mode.  When this mode is activated, sleep will not come.  Your body turns off sleep-promoting responses.

Sleep comes from a relaxed brain. And a relaxed body.

CBT uncovers these negative thoughts keeping you from sleep. And the negative feelings coming from these thoughts. 

CBT helps you find new, relaxing thoughts that will promote sleep.  Creating relaxing feelings to allow your body to remain calm, and ready for sleep. 

Once new relaxing thoughts and relaxing feelings are created, sleep strategies are introduced and implemented to aid in restful, restorative sleep.  Night after night.  

Restful sleep is the key to overall health and well being!

  • Restful sleep strengthens our immune system
  • Restful sleep restores our brain by generating neurons
  • Restful sleep regulates our hormones
  • Restful sleep repairs and regenerates tissues
  • Restful sleep increases productivity
  • Restful sleep improves mood
  • Restful sleep increases energy
  • Restful sleep improves memory

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